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mailshot logoMailshot is a complete online email marketing system for non-technical users.

Prepare, send and save email campaigns and analyse reports of your messages.

Create stylish, professional emails

Get in the driving seat and create and send your own email campaigns - from your desktop.
Choose a template (or use your own, built to your style), add your own content, select recipients and schedule delivery in your own time.

Add your content

Preview the email as you build it

The MailShot live editor allows you to see your email as you build it.
You can add your own text and images to your template and even change the order any items might appear.
The moment you add your own content MailShot will automatically save your draft so you can come back and finish it later.

Pick a template, any template

You can use an unlimited number of email templates and even re-use the designs in MailShot's growing gallery.
You have a template for media releases and another for your monthly newsletter - it's completely up to you. You simply select which template you'd like to use and add your own content.

Complete sender control

Use your own 'from name' and email address, so the email always looks like it comes from you. You can also select your own subject and which email address any replies should be forwarded to.

Send now or schedule for later

Once you're happy with the email, you can send yourself a test version, send it immediately or schedule it for delivery at another time. This way you can build your campaigns in advance and schedule them for delivery tomorrow, next month or any time in between.

Here's some guidelines for permission based email marketing...

Why do I need permission?

Sending people unsolicited email, commercial or otherwise, is against the law in many countries worldwide.
Besides that, wouldn't you rather be talking to people who you know are interested in what you have to say?

Who can I send email to?

  • People who have specifically signed up through your website
    For example, by ticking a checkbox (not checked by default) on your signup or sales form
  • People who completed offline forms & indicated they wanted to be emailed
    Eg: By filling in a competition or survey form where they specifically agree to receive email
  • People who gave you their business card and asked to receive email If someone gives you their business card and you have also explained to them that you will be in touch by email, you can contact them.
  • They purchased something off you in the last 2 years
    By making a purchase from you they have provided their permission implicitly, although it is much better to explicitly ask them.

Who can't I send email to?

Anybody that is not covered by the list above! Here are some examples:

  • Lists or email addresses received from a third party.
    Includes any list you bought or rented, got from a partner or membership organisation. No matter the claims of the source of this list, you cannot send email to them.
  • Addresses you collected or "copy & pasted" from the Internet
    Even if they look like ideal customers for you, you can't email someone just because you found their address.
  • Addresses you haven't emailed in the last 2 years. Permission doesn't age well. Even if you got their permission legitimately, they won't remember giving it to you. If you haven't sent something to that address in the last 2 years, you can't start now.

There's more ways to use email than you think...

There are a several types of email messages you can send through MailShot and some of them are not directly sales related. All of them will help you to communicate with your customers, friends, clients and users - and get your message out - to where it counts.

Postcard emails

  • These are one-off announcements, you might want to make a simple, brief announcement informing customers of a special offer, launch a new product or quick fire sale. These types of emails are typically restricted to a single call-to-action and should be easy for the recipient to scan in a few seconds. Here's a couple of examples:

Email Newsletters

  • Email newsletter's build upon the relationship you have with your customers and are the most likely use of mass email. You'd expect to see an increase in sales from a Newsletter MailShot, but keeping the focus on providing relevant, useful content your subscribers might be interested is sure to get you noticed.
  • Your content needn't be directly featurning your products or services. For example, an online grocer might send a monthly newsletter featuring a few recipes, a story on the benefits of organic produce and a column with exercising tips. To get the creative ideas flowing, here's a couple of good looking email newsletters:

Catalogue Emails

  • A catalogue based email is fairly self explanatory, being an electronic version of a print brochure listing particular products, with the primary goal to encourage customers to purchase.

Press Releases

  • If you have a list of media contacts that have given you permission to contact them, email press releases can be a great way to attract news coverage. Of course, there are a number of services that can distribute your press releases to the media, but maintaining your own list of media contacts can be a great way for you to send targeted, personalized press releases only to those contacts who will be interested.

There are no monthly fees and no hidden fees - just the initial setup cost and then a low campaign delivery fee.

For each campaign you send with more than 5 recipients (up to 5 is free), you'll pay a flat fee plus a per-recipient fee. Ask for details of fees.

Mailshot application...

Please call me [07876 427331] anytime for a chat about Mailshot.

Make sure you review the anti-spam policy before you create an account. Spam is taken very seriously and there is a strict permission policy you'll need to abide by.